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Our history

After traveling in Asia, Africa , North and South America and having always lived and worked in Paris region we were looking for a place for sunny holidays and to hang up ‘our backpacks’ ; we fell in love with a village in the Languedoc- Roussillon. We bought an house and renovated it 10 year ago.

The biggest impression left from our voyages was the warm reception and the experiences offered by those who inhabited these countries.

It is the pleasure of conviviality and hospitality that we now want to give back to all those that choose to stay with us and sharing the knowledge we have of the Languedoc Roussillon region, where for authentic thank you  is « Avec Plaisir » – With pleasure!

The Languedoc enjoys 300 days of sunshine per year , sea , natural parks , castles , abbeys and beautiful villages still far from the activity of the world.

One can enjoy fine wines and meet the winemakers in their vine yards , superb Mediterranean cuisine in the simplest of restaurants and local products in the markets of the surrounding villages.

All of these things were the inspiration to find a place to share this stunning region of Languedoc-Roussillon with the rest of the world: we found by chance an old winery in the heart of our village, next to the famous Canal du Midi and close to many attractions. Our project was to create a great place to live and share with others.

A major renovation , both simple and elegant , has created Domaine de Puychêne whose name was inspired by the well of the property and the oak tree whose leaves have shaded the gardens for over 300 years!  Today it’s a place of relaxation and a base for visiting a region so rich that one visit is never enough …

We are waiting for you « Avec Plaisir » in our Holiday cottages rentals